Comby 6000 Inox Line

Steam cleaner stainless steel with continuos flow, vacuum (wet and dry) with water filter, hot water rinsing function and detergent injection.

Steam and vacum plus the option of mild detergent injection or hot water rinsing function. Comes with a great range of attachments to cover most applications, and has a powerful 10 bar steam pressure. Using steam is an effective and environmentally friendly method of cleaning hard surfaces.

The applications for this machine are many and it is ideal in hotels, guest houses, hospitals, childcare, gyms, sports clubs, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, public areas, bedding and furnishings, floors, walls and ceilings etc. This steamer is versatile and easily used by all staff.

Porter Cable 7424 XP Dual Action Orbital Polisher

The Porter Cable 7424XP Car Buffer and Polisher is the newest and hottest selling machine! A professional tool guaranteed to bring out the very best finish.

The Porter Cable 7424XP will throw life onto the dead and dull by operating at an electronic variable speed between 2,500 -- 6,800 OPM (Oscillations Per Minute). But what really sets the Porter Cable 7424-XP apart from other similar polishers on the market the performance and smoothness. You will be hard pressed to find as good a polisher at such an outstanding price anywhere else. So make the right decision and go with the Porter Cable 7424XP car buffer and polisher for the very best in polishing potential.

Why Upgrade from the 7424 to the 7424XP Porter Cable? The new Porter Cable 7424 XP new design reduces vibration while maximizing efficiency. The machine is also more powerful then ever! Porter Cable increased the max. OPM from 6,000 to 6,800, and gave the 7424 XP a more powerful motor so that you will get the same great results, just faster.


Technologically advanced industrial wet & dry vacuum systems that have been proven and tested across the world. Robust construction with a virtually indestructible stainless steel body and low-noise, cooled turbine motors ensure long life. The 3 motor version offers high suction power and durability. The vacuum motors are designed to ensure consistent erformance and life even under extensive usage. The accessories are designed to offer best cleaning results with little or no exhaustation to the operator. Although twice the capacity we have added a folding handle design allowing easy movement when in use whilst also allowing compact storage. The accessory kit provides tools for both wet and dry operation with stainless steel tube sets as standard. • Comprehensive range of multipurpose accessories for daily wet and dry cleaning depending upon the type of application. • ADVANTAGES: Durable flexi-hose, washable and reusable filter, and a motor that can run without breaks over considerably longer periods. • Additional accessories available on request.