An easy to use surface conditioning & preparation bar that removes organic and inorganic
contaminants from exterior paint, glass and metal surfaces. This product is completely safe, quick and easy to use. A non-scratch, non-flammable and non-toxic
clea-ning material that quickly and easily removes paint overspray, paint finish roughness, fallout, acid rain deposits, rail dust, brake dust and other environmental contaminants from
exterior automotive surfaces. 108 gram bar in resealable container. Clay Lube is recommended as a lubricating fluid for use with the clay bar


Clay lube liquid makes any clay bar works even better by increasing lubricity.Can use all painted surfaces. A high-lubricity formula that actually encapsulates dust particles and enhances a deep luster while cleaning without water.


A ready-to-use, fast drying, clear liquid that quickly and easily removes adhesive labels from painted, metal, glass and plastic surfaces. A blend of highly refined solvents that may also be effectively used for silicone removal also.


A superior all-purpose cleaner that is safe for use on most interior and exterior surfaces.
Eliminates tough stains and stubborn dirt on carpets, fabrics, vinyl upholstery, engines, tires,
fender wells, door jambs and more.


A conditioner and restorer that most resembles the natural moisturizers that once kept the
leather supple. A cream lotion with leather scent is formulated to penetrate and replenish
essential oils. A non greasy blend that deeply conditions from the inside out.


Premium Glass Cleaner offers outstanding cleaning power and versatility without the unpleasantness of ammonia and harsh chemicals. While RTU Glass Cleaner is formulated to clean auto glass, it has the muscle to cut through tobacco film, soap scum
and oily soils both in/on the vehicle and throughout the shop and home. As a result, use RTU Glass Cleaner to clean mirrors, glass, tile, chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, porcelain, vinyl and plastics.


Easy to use liquid gel that chemically removes water spots, etching and pitting from glass, chrome, painted surfaces and stainless steel surfaces with very little effort. An acid based formula breaks the bonds between mineral deposits and the substrate. Leaves the surface free of deposits while restoring the optical clarity of glass and other surfaces. Ideal for automotive industrial and janitorial applications . Also great for hotels window washers , glass and windshield companies , car wash tunnels , boats, ships marinas and anywhere surfaces are exposed to water


A special high lubricity formula that actually encapsulates dust particles and enhances a deep luster without using water. Fingerprints, smudges and dust are no problem for waterless wash. It conserves water, cleans, seals, shines & protects all in one easy application. Restores your paint finish by removing light oxidation Stops damage from oxidation, UV rays, acid rain, salt and pollution.