Thick compound/wax combination is a fast and easy one-step polish designed specifically for the needs of the high volume auto auctions. A dual-action formula that breaks down
into a superior polish achieving a deep , smooth and lustrous finish. Cleans, polishes and waxes in one easy operation. For hand or machine use.


This compound features a fast, aggressive cut for machine use on acrylic lacquer, enamels and high solid urethane paints to level orange peel and remove 800-1000# wet sand scratches, blemishes, cobwebs, heavy oxidation, water spots and more. Low dusting, water soluble formula cleans up easy. Leaves a smooth, clean surface, ready
for light compounding or machine glazing. Recommended for machine use only. CONTAINS NO WAX OR SILICONE. BODY SHOP SAFE.


A body shop safe machine glaze that removes 2000 wet sand scratches and other imper-fections on refinish paints. Also repairs cob web scratches, micro scratches and swirl marks after compounding. Its non-silicone, non-wax formula buffs fast and easy with very
little dust. Natural oils brighten color and restore depth & clarity. Leaves a durable,
high gloss finish. Safe for all OEM and refinish paints. MADE WITH ALUMINUM


For most aggressive cut sue wool pad. For best result use with form cutting or finishing pad. Will eliminate 1000 sand scratches with yellow form pad.Excellent for dark colors,Produce a swirl-free and high-gloss finish to the painted area.